The Pioneers of Participation workshop

Between 9 and 13 November 2009, Isandla Institute in partnership with the Citizenship Development Research Centre will be convening international workshop themed Pioneers of Participation. The workshop brings together 40 local governance practitioners from Southern and Eastern Africa and international experts from India, Brazil and the UK. Participants will explore the challenges they face as officials and elected representatives working within local government trying to promote citizen engagement. Mirjam van Donk, Director of Isandla Institute states, "The practitioners will distil critical policy lessons and implications, particularly aimed at influencing South African policy on local governance." "The recent wave of decentralisation and democratisation in the region has brought into focus the need for meaningful public participation. In recent years, the South African government, and more specifically the Department of COGTA, has repeatedly emphasised that community responsibility and citizen participation in local decision making are important for improved service delivery, strategic leadership and local development in all its dimensions," said Mirjam.

The objectives of the event will be to:
➢    Deepen understanding of the benefits of public participation
➢    Share practical and effective models of public participation to inspire practitioners
➢    Reflect on the inhibitors and challenges to public participation at both individual and institutional levels
➢    Identify innovative responses to identified challenges at individual and institutional levels

Nov 9 – 13, 2009

Cape Town

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