Local politics and factionalism: local government as a site of contestation

South Africa's municipalities - which have a vital role to play in service delivery - are contested terrain. Contestation is a healthy part of democratic governance, but patronage politics, nepotism and the pursuit of tenders appear to trump community development.

On December 1, a roundtable organised by the Isandla Institute will consider the role political parties play in strengthening local decision-making and governance:

 How can a governing party effect its mandate without trespassing on sound management?

 What impact does intra and inter-party strife have on how local government works?

 How well do the amendments to the Municipal Systems Amendment Act (2011) address these questions - ie, create a framework for civil servants, elected officials and communities themselves to produce desired outcomes?

 How does factionalism impact on the functioning of the local state and how can this be mitigated or overcome?

Dec 1, 2011

Cape Town

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