Bringing the poor in from the cold

Isandla Institute contributed the lead op-ed in the Cape Argus on the 4th October 2011. It draws on the Right to the City Dialogue Series cohosted by Isandla Institute, Community Organisation Resource Centre and Informal Settlements Network, with participants from urban NGOs and organisations of the urban poor, about understanding the contextual relevance and practical potential of a concept drawn from international development discourse – the Right to the City. It argues that the current 'modes of engagement' with the urban poor and questions of equality and sustainability are not being adequately addressed. It suggests that there are three immediate priorities: ensuring the right of the urban poor to be in the city, their right to access the benefits and opportunities located within the city, and their right to the involved in planning and decision-making about the development and functioning of the wider city.

To link to a web-based version of the artice click here, or a scan of the article here. For more on the overall Right to the City Dialogue Series click here.

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