Housing Policy and Practice in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Firoz Khan and Petal Thring (Ed.)
ISBN 0796207860

Housing Policy and Practice in Post-Apartheid South Africa takes a look at the visions and outcomes of South Africa's housing programme and poses the question, "Is this good enough?" With a clear understanding of what was expected, and an acute awareness of the realities that hamper implementation, the authors in this collection ask thought-provoking and critical questions such as:

  • Can we meet the breadth of the housing backlog in South Africa without sacrificing the depth so critically needed to secure a sustainable housing future?
  • What role do we expect the un-housed poor to play in their housing process?
  • How do we reconcile socio-economic rights with equally real fiscal constraints and the government's macro-economic strategy?

By combining philosophical reflection, ethnographic texture and substantive expertise in infrastructure and finance, the contributions in the book rework a politics of possibility for citizenship, for shelter does not merely house, but situates residents in complex webs of competing agendas; shaping livelihoods and personal futures.

This book offers policy-makers, housing practitioners and students a challenging and original assessment of South Africa's Housing Policy.

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