The Right to the City

Isandla Institute

'The Right to the City' is a new documentary produced by Isandla Institute. The documentary follows Gideon, the principal character, through an average day. His daily routine highlights the struggles and inequities faced by the majority of urban residents, who find themselves marginalised and excluded from urban opportunities. Gideon's story and experience is echoed by those of Levina and Phila, making the point that approaches to urban development have yet to prove successful in addressing social inequality, exclusion and injustice.

The Right to the City provokes discussion on a range of issues, including urban planning, unemployment, housing and service delivery, social exclusion and segregation in urban settlements. While set in Cape Town, South Africa, The Right to the City highlights urban realities across the global South.

The documentary was launched at Isandla Institute's 10th anniversary event, September 2009.

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