Identifying and prioritising the obstacles, challenges, and prospects for realising the Right to the City: Discussion document for the second Dialogue of Urban NGOs


This discussion document was prepared to inform the discussion in the second dialogue of urban NGOs. The dialogue was the fourth in the series of six dialogues and its conceptualisation was shaped by the inputs from the two dialogues of the urban poor, the first dialogue of urban NGOs and responses to a survey that was circulated after the first dialogue. The focus for this dialogue was the identification of the blockages, challenges and prospects for realising the Right to the City. The document makes an argument for using the Right to the City in a South African context, outlines the emerging distinct (or novel) themes that have the most relevant in South Africa, proposes a range of principles that underpin the Right to the City concept in South Africa and a consolidation of what a South African Right to the City agenda may contain.

For a description of the Right to the City Dialogue Series, a partnership between Isandla Institute, Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC) and Informal Settlement Network's (ISN),click here.

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