Taking stock at the crossroads: reflecting on the role of the NGO sector in enabling and supporting participatory local governance in a time of 'crisis'

Tristan Gorgens, Mirjam van Donk

Drawing on experiences in the sector, this paper seeks to understand the particular dimensions of the 'crisis' in the local governance NGO sector, identifies the various responses that are occurring, and reflects on some of the opportunities created by these trends.  First, it outlines the changes to the socio-political, institutional and funding context that characterise the current moment. Second, the different roles and strategies employed by organisations in the sector are differentiated and the dynamics currently being experienced in each of them are briefly sketched. Finally, the various repositionings occurring in the NGO sector in response to the 'crisis', and the opportunities presented by these repositionings, are explored.

It is the final chapter (pp. 118-133) in the GGLN's 2011 State of Local Government report entitled, "Recognising Community Voice and Dissatisfaction". Available for download (whole report) here.

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