Isandla Institute has produced various books to set the agenda in various fields of development policy:

  • Consolidating Developmental Local Government: Lessons from the South African Experience, edited by Mirjam van Donk, Mark Swilling, Susan Parnell and Edgar Pieterse (UCT Press, 2008). Available from UCT Press or
  • Voices of Transition: The Politics and Practices of Social Change in South Africa, edited by Edgar Pieterse and Frank Meintjies (Heinemann Publishers, 2004). Available from Google Books
  • Housing Policy and Practice in Post-Apartheid South Africa, edited by Firoz Khan and Petal Thring (Heinemann Publishers, 2003). Available from Google Books
  • Democratising Local Government - The South African Experiment, edited by Susan Parnell, Edgar Pieterse, Mark Swilling and Dominique Wooldridge (UCT Press, 2002). Available from UCT Press or

Isandla Institute also contributed to Under Construction: Race and Identity in South Africa Today, edited by Natasha Distiller and Melissa Steyn (Heinemann Publishers, 2004).

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