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Hiring -  Applications are now closed! Hiring - Applications are now closed!
Are you passionate about urban transformation? Are you keen to contribute to practice and policy that puts people first? Do you have a good understanding of human settlements development and housing issues? Then you be the right person to join our dynamic team! We are looking for an experienced Policy Researcher to join our Urban Land Programme. The Policy Researcher…
Response to COVID-19 in informal settlements - NGO Submission Response to COVID-19 in informal settlements - NGO Submission
Isandla Institute has joined voices with a group of CSOs from across the country to contest the de-densification of informal settlements as the central thrust of the human settlements response to COVID-19. Rather, we propose the release of well-located land, accelerated incremental in-situ informal settlement upgrading, and strong social cohesion among other short-, medium- and long-term responses. You can read…

About Us

Isandla Institute is a key role player in the local governance sector, an important analytical voice on urban development issues, a convener of spaces of dialogue on urban citizenship, a producer of quality research, and a thought leader on issues such as informal settlements upgrading, urban governance and local level planning systems

Key Focus Areas

Urban Land

Promoting planning frameworks and land management systems that advance urban spatial transformation, the social function of and sustainability development.

Urban Governance

Promoting accountable, democratic, responsive, integrated and resilient systems of governance, as well as citizen agency in place making.

Urban Livelihoods

Contributing to systems, processes, policies and planning that enable endogenous development, meaningful work and sustainable livelihoods.

Promoting systems and practices of urban governance that are democratic, inclusive, equitable, accountable and sustainable