Institutionalising a Housing Support Centre Model to enable self-build

In 2022, Isandla Institute investigated how self-build can be enabled and supported through of Housing Support Centres (HSCs), inspired by the local EPHP housing support centre precedent and other Global South self-build initiatives. This paper draws on the research and arguments developed previously by developing a model for the institutionalisation HSCs. This, in turn will lay the basis for policy advocacy around the uptake of the model in local, provincial and national policy and programmes. It covers the rationale for HSCs, the municipal benefits of implementing an HSC model, what HSCs will do and what shape and form they can take, and the role for communities and intended beneficiaries in HSCs. The implications for municipal capacity and resources, funding sources, governance arrangements, the role of non-government stakeholders, and the role of provincial and national government in creating an enabling environment for HSCs are also covered. Ultimately, a national HSC policy framework and support is needed to guide municipalities (and an adequate self-build subsidy funding for those with lowest incomes); the piloting of the HSC model in different municipalities, responding to different human settlements contexts and needs; and lastly, multi-stakeholder engagement with and refinement of the proposed model.

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 06:46