Investigating the value and feasibility of using public finance for self-build housing processes in South Africa

In 2023, Isandla Institute deepened its work on technical and financial support for self-build by developing a proposed institutional design for Housing Support Centres. This paper examines the financial implications for self-build. It builds on the premise that self-build is part of the right of access to housing and that as such, the state must take reasonable steps, including financial assistance to enable any sustainable form of self-build to those who require financial assistance. It examines whether there is any support for self-build in the current subsidy scheme for those who often fall within the cracks of current state programmes. It further examines if the fiscus supports the current and growing demand in the context of an anticipated increase in demand. Finally, it touches on the requirements for institutionalising and administering public financial assistance to this particular segment of the population, given that it requires a change in thinking and operational requirements to ensure that any administrative system is accessible and fit for purpose.

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 06:58