CSO Winter School on Backyard Housing

CSO Winter School 2024 CSO Winter School 2024

The CSO Winter School on Backyard Housing took place on 11-13 June 2024. The Winter School provided dedicated space for CSOs to engage some of the crucial challenges and opportunities confronting the backyard housing sector. Insightful presentations and engaging discussions allowed for reflection on a range of issues that not only impact the backyard housing sector but are commonly confronted by all communities who live in conditions of informality.

The core objectives of the CSO Winter School were to: 
• Deepen knowledge of the (diverse) backyard housing sector and the important role it plays in providing affordable housing and facilitating and contributing to local economic and neighbourhood development;
• Increase understanding of the challenges faced by the sector and the potential role(s) that CSOs could fulfil in enabling/strengthening the backyard housing sector; and
• Explore how CSOs can take the insights gained forward into their own practice and/or advocacy on housing, human settlements and access to services.

Wednesday, 03 July 2024 08:25